Friday, April 06, 2007

Bagels, CD Spindles & Creationism

It says something about me that when I saw this example of geek ingenuity, my second though (after the obvious 'cool!' ) was that it poses problems for the theories of some creationists.

If the way a banana (a) fits perfectly into a human hand (b) proves that a was created for b to hold, then surely this also proves that bagels were created for CD spindles to hold. Which I'm sure would come as some surprise to the original creators of both, especially the bagel's creators - given they pre-date the CD by some centuries.

Not that that particular creationist argument needs any more debunking, it's quite stupid enough already, but a bit amusing at least.


A Whole Can of Plot said...

It's a very human-centric viewpoint that the banana was created with the human in do we know that the human was not created with the banana in mind. one of those moods.

Cadee said...

You write very well.