Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bush uses Time Machine to Prevent Nuclear Attack on the US

That's the best conclusion I can reach after reading this report. It would appear that the US policy on Iraq is based on fears that al-Qaeda might use it as a base to attack the US. After all, they sent one of their top men there in 2005 to plan such attacks.

Aren't we fortunate, then, that top secret time-travel technology was available to allow the US to invade Iraq in 2003 and prevent these horrific attacks from taking place?

Less sarcastically, I believe I recall newsmen talking, around that time, about bin Laden losing his influence over al-Qaeda globally. Supposedly, al-Zarqawi was more popular as he was in the news, fighting the Americans. That would make this a story about how bin Laden tried to exert his authority over an uppity subordinate, and one who had no reason to listen to him. After all, Iraq is a warzone - why base attacks on the US out of a country where the airport doesn't work?

Finally - al-Libbi? Others have suggested Scooter al-Libbi, but I prefer to think that someone thought the President asked them to "provide an al-Libbi" for his actions in Iraq...